Our Payment Options

Common Payment Options Available For Your Next Dentist Appointment

Many individuals assume dental treatments are extremely expensive and, as a result, back out of recommended dental treatment. We have a variety of payment options available in our York office. Most people prefer to pay their expenses in cash, although, there are customers who prefer to pay with credit cards instead. Fortunately, many dental procedures are covered by dental insurance.

Below is a quick overview of all the payment methods available at Complete Dental of York in York.

Personal Checks

Paying by check is more of an outdated mode of payment, and not many service providers accept personal checks anymore. It is recommended to verify if a dental office accepts checks before the appointment.

Paying with a check is assumed to be a long process, but in reality, it is not. If you need to use a personal check or make a bank transfer, our office is happy to provide you with all the necessary details needed.  Such details may include the receiver’s name, account number, etc.

Credit Cards

Today, many people prefer paying with their credit cards more than any other payment method. Thousands of credit card transactions are made every minute around the world.

Credit cards are found to be convenient and safer to carry around.

Several credit card companies offer many attractive benefits on transactions. Paying for dental services through credit cards not only fix your dental problems, but can also help improve your credit. The two most common dental treatments that are paid for through credit cards are cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures, such as extractions.

We accept the majority of credit cards to provide the maximum convenience.


Approximately 42 percent of all dentistry payments are made through cash and direct payments. This is because many patients find it convenient to pay in cash and clear the transaction fees upfront. It also saves the individual from going through their insurance company to have the dental costs covered.

It is also common for patients to pay for half of their treatment in cash and have the remaining portion covered through insurance. However, this should be approved before beginning your procedure.


Our office accepts CareCredit, a healthcare credit card that is used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by dental insurance. CareCredit is subject to credit approval, but once you are accepted, you can use it again and again. CareCredit is a great option if you're on a budget, in that you can pay for your dental expenses in installments. Ask us about CareCredit today! Applying is easy, and we are here to answer any questions.

Apply for CareCredit


Medical insurance is definitely an important tool for effectively managing your budget. Insurance companies cover most of your health expenses, saving you from paying out of your pocket. Dental insurance is also a type of medical coverage that provides coverage for certain dental expenses. It can be offered as a part of the overall medical indemnity or as a separate policy. To better assist patients, our office in York also processes treatment compensations through dental insurance.

Since this method of payment has a few additional details that need to be dealt with before the payment is transferred, it is suggested that the you verify with your insurance provider before beginning treatment.

It is important to make sure your insurance plan is currently active, since many polices go into effect after several months of application approval. You are also advised to ensure that the treatment you will be receiving is covered by your insurance company.

It is also recommended that you confirm with our office that insurance coverage is accepted. Some insurance companies may not be registered with our office.

If you would like to schedule your dental appointment, you can call at 717-430-4360 or visit us today at our office. We have a dedicated team to answer any questions.