Our Teeth Whitening Procedures

A great solution to achieve a brighter smile is teeth whitening. We have a variety of teeth whitening procedures and below you can read details about these procedures.

How Take-home Whitening Trays Work

Custom whitening trays are trays that are clear and are usually made of a clear plastic that comfortably adjust when inserted. A small dollop of the gel is inserted in each tray, giving them their whitening properties. The gel consists of a hydrogen peroxide solution that actively whitens the enamel of the teeth.

After they have been used and are taken off, they need to be cleaned with a Q-tip or cloth and rinsed. This, makes them  ready to be used again. It is not suggested to use them for at least another day, after each application.

These whitening trays can be used several times to obtain the desired results. Our dentist can further advice on how many times they should be used in your case. Also, you can have them customized to your needs.

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Biolase eZlase™ 940 (Laser) Teeth whitening

This laser has been developed specifically for dentistry use. It ensures that the teeth whitening treatments performed are comfortable for you. The Biolase eZlase teeth whitening procedure makes use of a feature called ComfortPulse, significantly reducing the amount of time the laser is actually cutting.

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